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The term ‘Super Natural Hits‘ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is



The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and Super Natural Hits, and applies to your use of
the Super Natural Hits
services and any related products available through Super Natural Hits Internet Servers
(collectively the "Service").

If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not use or access our Services.

English is the predominant language of our Traffic Exchange.  ANY use of a foreign language MUST accompany an accurate
on every page submitted. AND there MUST be no less than 80% of every page in English.
ALL contact information MUST BE in English. IF the page NAME and any UID is NOT in English,
and/or the rest of this statement does not meet English language expectations, any and all submissions will be refused.

Your account is not activated by surfing 50 pages within 15 days of the join date. [Suspended]
To keep your account active you must surf at least 25 pages every 14 days or become inactive.
Dishonesty of any kind, including, but not limited to, suspected cheating and/or giving false information such as
First Name and Last Name (we do check) [BANNED]
You have more than 1 account. This will cause all accounts to be closed and you will be banned from this site permanently.
Even if you use a different name, ip and/or email, we will know.

We run an honest site and require the same from our Members.

First and foremost------------We will be watching for cheaters and we will ban them when caught.
They will not get paid and will lose all cash, credits, impressions and downline they have accumulated to that point.

A person using an autobot or any form of work around hack, will be considered a "cheater".
You cannot have more than one person surfing on one account at any given time.
A person who surfs more than 1000 pages in a day will be scrutinize and most probably banned.

If we find a lot of members doing this, we will put a cap on the amount of surfing you can do in a 24 hour period.
We want you to surf, of course...but we want you to do it honestly. Who knows? You might see an offer that REALLY works for you!

All decisions by management are final and are not negotiable.


Members can request a cash payout only for the referral commissions or downline purchases accumulated.




If you do not have active sites with credits allocated your payout request will be denied.

Also if you do not have a real first and last name a real picture no cartoons of youself and have
proper country chosen in your profile your payout will be denied.

Cash Is Paid to ALL membership levels via Payza only so make sure your payment address
in profile is updated with Payza info.

This includes special events, cross promos and claim pages from third party websites.
Upgrades purchased with commissions are also eligible for payouts.

As a paid member, you must be in our system as a paid member for 30 days before you can request a payout.

Free members can withdraw cash earned from downline upgrades and purchases earned by their downline,
provided they have been a member for 60 days.

Monies earned from prizes and other awards are designed to help a free member purchase products or upgrades on Soft Fruit Traffic.

FREE members are not allowed to award other members with upgrade awards that they may continue to win.

These awards must be added to the current position of the existing member/winner.

Upgraded members may also use earned cash to upgrade to a higher level or to purchase credit packages
unless other wise stated in specialty One Time Offers, Or award their upgraded wins to a member of their choice in their downline.

You agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of each individual contest.
The final wins are at the sole discretion of management are final and are not negotiable.

If you have ANY questions about this policy or need clarification, PLEASE send us a support ticket. We'll be glad to answer all your questions.


-All purchases are final. We offer digital products that are instantly added to your account, and purchases can not be refunded.

-Buying another type of upgrade before your current one runs out will not make you eligible to get your money for the first one back.

-Should you choose to delete your account while still having an active upgrade, you will not be able to get a refund for the
money. It is impossible to delete accounts my mistake or by having your account hacked into (see the bottom of Profile in the navigation
menu for information on how to delete your account) and deleted.

-Should you start a new account after deleting your old one that had an upgrade, you can not transfer the upgrade to the new account.

-It is your responsible to cancel any active upgrade subscriptions in your payment processor account if you chose not to continue
your upgrade. Commissions are instantly transferred to your upline, so if you forget to cancel your subscription, you can no get the
money back.

-If you use e-checks, bank transfers or other payment methods that fail or bounce, your account will be stripped of all earnings and
you may be suspended.

Other Terms are:

Members shall -
    have no more than 5 of the same URL submitted - any more than that will flood the surfing window, and is not fair to the other

    have no more than 5 sites in any rotator.

Please be aware that any money paid to Super Natural Hits are for Credits or Upgraded TE Memberships.
Since these services are not returnable, refunds will not be given.

In Brief, you are NOT allowed to:

Failure to comply with any of the following rules will result in an automatic suspension of your account.

Should you find your account suspended you will have to submit a support ticket.

    Use robot/auto surf software of any kind. This includes surfing over the 1,000 pages per day limit.

    Submit web pages with popups, exit popups, frame breakers or pages that interrupt the surfing experience in any way.

    Promote Immoral, Illegal, or Illicit websites.

    Promote Adult, Hate, Racist or any kind of material that will cause offense.

    English is the predominant language of our Traffic Exchanges.
    ANY use of a foreign language MUST accompany an accurate translator on every page submitted AND there MUST
    be no less than 80% of every page in English. See top of page for complete list of requirements.

    Use an auto-responder email that automatically answers your email such as spamarrest, spamcop, mailblocks etc.
    Be aware some of these services send spam in your name and can cause your email account to be shutdown by your ISP!
    Your account will be deleted.

    Use an email address that prohibits the receipt of emails from Super Natural Hits for any reason. Your account will be deleted.

    Send unsolicited email attempting to promote Super Natural Hits. Your account will be deleted.

If you do, your account will be closed and any credits will be lost.
We will not pay any outstanding commissions and will attempt to recover any that have been paid.
Any monies already paid that are not returned will be considered as theft and where possible we will recover them.

The Super Natural Hits Service:

Super Natural Hits is a service provided to you "as is" and without guarantee. Any credits free or purchased are non refundable.
Super Natural Hits cannot be held responsible for credits incorrectly used.

You acknowledge Super Natural Hits is not an investment program, multi-level marketing program, High Yield Investment Program,
"autosurf", gambling, randomizer, matrix, pyramid, Ponzi scheme, "get rich quick" scheme, or other similar venture.
You acknowledge you will not use our service for the promotion of any illegal immoral or illicit purpose.
If you do not accept these terms you must leave this site immediately.

By continuing to use this site you are bound by this agreement and you agree that you will keep all information provided by this site confidential.

You are not allowed to copy or comment or take any action that may devalue the site's service and accept any damages or costs
there of
because of such a breach including any agent or company that you may be associated with.

The user agrees not to operate hardware or software designed to bypass the systems developed by Super Natural Hits for the benefit of all its users.

When an account is set up, the user agrees to provide current and accurate information including REAL First and Last Name and agrees that, that information can be used for Super Natural Hits to make contact with the user. Any inaccurate information may result in the user's account being closed.

Information given in registration will not be sold or given to any third party, unless required to by law.
Users agree not to collect or harvest any user information that may be on our internet servers.

EXCEPTION is in sharing of information between Sponsor and subscribers. Each sponsor has contact information in their downline statistics.

Super Natural Hits makes no claim as to when visits will be received by the user. Super Natural Hits can not be held responsible
for third party hit trackers that may not record hits accurately. Super Natural Hits statistics are final. Hits are views and are not viewers/visitors. Some sites may be shown multiple times to users.

While Super Natural Hits may take measures to prevent offensive information, the user acknowledges that any content found on our servers may not be controlled by Super Natural Hits , and Super Natural Hits can not be held accountable for it.


The User agrees not to use Super Natural Hits to promote or advertise any of the following material:


    Cyclers or Hyips (Hyip = Any site that offers a % daily,weekly,monthly on investment)
    No Prompts to download files

    No frame breaking sites

    No viruses, trojans or spyware


    RE: THE DOWNLINER.COM-Personal splash pages to advertise
    program itself WILL BE ALLOWED but NO CO-OP links.

    No Rev Shares

    No PTC Sites that offer rented referrals

    Submit any more than five (5) duplicate sites, banners, text ads or
    square banners to be advertised on
our site

    No Banner Farms (Sites Or Pages that show more than 10 banners on a page)

    No Text Ad Farms (Sites Or Pages that show more than 10 Text ads on a page)

    No multi-level instant-pay matrix that uses Paypal

    No two members may advertise a site using the same referral id.

    Robot/Auto-Surf Software of any kind

    Any other material that may be offensive or unethical will be removed at the discretion of Admin.

    Any site that does not meet FTC standards or is complained about by members will be removed at the discretion of Admin.

    Submit web pages with popups, exit popups, frame breakers or pages that interrupt the surfing experience in any way
   (Slide-in ads covering no more than 20% of the surfing window are permitted).

     Links or banners to pornography, Adult Content, Sexually Explicit Content

     Any language other than English as the predominant language (see requirements above).





    Auto-Surf Software

    Any other material that may be offensive or unethical to a family-oriented environment

    Any site that does not meet FTC standards or is complained about by members will be removed at the discretion of Admin.

Members are restricted to adding splash, LCP, blogs limited to article style postings, or landing pages.
Any other submissions are open to Admin approvals. Admin will have the final say.

We are a traffic exchange and as such, your pages should reflect that intent.
Please use common sense in respect to sending extended advertising to advertising programs where the members expect to see this information.

In general, user promotions are restricted to the existing splash, LCP and banner, etc. area.
Members are encouraged to create their own pages conditional on the use of images and existing materials which are permitted.
From time to time pages will be made that you can not advertise. Please check the copyright for changes in this regard.

Users will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and will not manipulate any area of the site to gain credit or access to unauthorized areas.

Also, Super Natural Hits does not allow the use of auto-surf software/hardware, work around hack (etc.) to gain credits.
Anyone caught using or distributing it will have their account terminated and be banned.

The user agrees not to hold Super Natural Hits responsible for any content, links, advertisements, site malfunctions, mis-directions
or any other events that may cause harm mentally, physically or to property.

You agree that Super Natural Hits, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, account (or any part thereof)
or use of the Service,
and remove and discard any Content within the Service, for any reason, including, without limitation,
for lack of use or if Super Natural Hits
believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit
of this agreement.

Super Natural Hits may also in its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing the Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice.

You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under any provision of this agreement may be effected without
prior notice,
and acknowledge and agree that Super Natural Hits may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all
related information and files
in your account and/or bar any further access to such files or the Service.

Further, you agree that Super Natural Hits shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the Service.

Dealings with advertisers are done at your own risk and Super Natural Hits can not be held liable for any advertisers actions.

You agree to maintain a valid email address and your account is only activated once you have verified your email address by clicking a link in an email sent to you. And..

- clicking 50 sites with in 15days of joining (see above under
- filling in your profile with correct email address, first and last name and country in which you reside.
- Making sure your country and IP match

By doing so you are bound to accept email from Super Natural Hits which will include system

messages and marketing information. By unsubscribing from our mails, you understand you are unsubscribing from Super Natural Hits

Any user threatening or reported Super Natural Hits for sending 'spam' or 'UCE' or Unsolicited Commercial Email will be invoiced
or all services they have received to that point and immediate payment will be expected. Furthermore all legal costs and
will be sought through the courts for any loss of time or reputation.

Super Natural Hits is an honest marketing business supported by appropriate privacy statements, terms and conditions, user
business practices and an excellent reputation in the trade that it will protect through all means available.

This benefits you, your business and the online promotion and marketing businesses in general.

If you do not agree with the above content in the TOS - terms of agreement for Super Natural Hits, then do not join.

By joining, you agree to the  TOS - Terms of Agreement of Super Natural Hits.

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